More Cooking, Less Dining


I have been pretty busy with school and haven’t posted in a while. Sorry, about that. Now I want to get something off my chest. Not having a car in Los Angeles sucks. Biking from one place to another is a death wish, while taking an uber is a financial nightmare. I guess I took the public transport in Paris for granted. Sometime I really want to grab some pastries at Republique, lunch at Guisados, and dare I say it, brunch at Gjusta. But I live so far from these places and the traffic is horrendous, so I mostly rely on delivery to sate my cravings.

Since I don’t eat out as much I’m beginning to cook more and more. On most days I usually take a quick trip to Ralph’s, pick up some groceries and knock out a quick carbonara or french omelette. But when my studies are light and I have the time, I usually open up White Heat or The French Laundry Cookbook. I find a recipe to my liking and read through it a couple times. Then I grab an uber and head on over to Whole Foods where I spend about a month’s budget on ingredients for dinner. Usually the cooking  process is painstakingly difficult, but the result is well worth the effort. Hopefully I can keep improving without going broke.



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