Celebrating in Style

My younger sister is entering senior year, and while this is a welcome relief for her, it also means the college application season is beginning. The Common App drops on August 1st. It’s rumored to go live at midnight. For some, the opening of the common app is akin to the release of a new Beyonce or Drake album. Yeah, thats weird, but unfortunately true.

Instead of counting down the hours until Harvard’s prompts were available, we decided to head to San Francisco to celebrate our mother’s birthday. After spending a few hours ambling through the Ferry Building and Crissy Field we headed on over to Quince Restaurant. There isn’t much else to say about Quince that hasn’t been said already. With two Michelin stars, four stars from the SF Chronicle, and a stamp of approval by Relais Chateaux, Quince has been heralded as one of the best Italian restaurants in the country.

The “critics” weren’t wrong. We were treated royally from the first amuse to the last of the mignardises. Our server, bubbling with enthusiasm, made us feel right at home. Each course sent out of the kitchen was impeccable. Not even one fell flat. After the final dessert, a exquisite wild strawberry tartlet, was served our captain rolled out a huge dessert cart fit for Louis XIV. We were told to pick whatever and however many treats we wanted. We did as instructed, taking special care to sample some of pastry chef Shawn Gawle’s legendary canelés. As we exited the restaurant, into the chilly summer night, we were also provided a cup of hot chocolate for our journey home. It was truly a night of excess.

As we made our way home there wasn’t a mention of a college essay or standardized test. Determining ones “intellectual vitality” and “educational goals” could wait another day. Summer was for relaxing and we were celebrating in style.



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